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Hover Strolling Rig

Hover Strolling Rig

5 Pieces in One Pack

Introducing the First Tungsten Hover Strolling Rig on the Market, crafted with an impressive 97% solid tungsten composition. 

Key Features:

  • 97% Solid Tungsten Composition: Our rig boasts a high-density tungsten construction, providing a compact, sensitive design that improves bite detection and overall effectiveness in various fishing conditions.
  • Enhanced Sonar Visibility: Tungsten’s high density makes it highly reflective to sonar waves, ensuring that the rig shows up clearly on forward-facing sonar systems. This increased visibility allows for precise bait placement and real-time monitoring of fish interactions.
  • Ultra Sharp Hooks - BKK™ 9050: Equipped with premium BKK™ 9050 hooks, this rig ensures exceptional hook-up ratios. The ultra-sharp points penetrate quickly and hold securely, making it easier to catch and retain fish.
  • Double Bait Keeper: Featuring a double bait keeper design, the rig holds soft plastic  firmly in place. This prevents bait from sliding down the hook, maintaining a natural presentation and increasing your chances of a successful catch.
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