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Wacky Jig Head

Wacky Jig Head

Three Unique Colors in One Pack

Enhance your fishing rig game with the Tungsten4Anglers Wacky Jig—an essential precision tool designed to unlock versatility and elevate your angling experience to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Mustad Super Sharp Hook: Each Wacky Jig is equipped with a Mustad Super Sharp Hook, renowned for its exceptional sharpness and strength. This hook ensures quick penetration and secure hook-ups, giving you the confidence to tackle any fishing scenario with precision.
  • 97% Tournament-Grade Tungsten: These heads are made from ultra-dense, 97% tungsten, which transmits every detail of the bottom with exceptional precision. This high-density construction allows for greater sensitivity and a smaller, more compact profile.
  • Precision Engineering: Crafted with precision engineering, the Wacky Jig delivers superior performance and reliability. Its expert design ensures accurate presentations and enhanced sensitivity, enabling you to detect even the subtlest of bites.
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