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Wacky Rig Weight

Wacky Rig Weight

6 Pieces in One Pack

Enhance your wacky rig fishing with our innovative Tungsten Wacky Rig Weight, designed to revolutionize your fishing experience. Crafted from 97% eco-friendly tungsten, this weight ensures both performance and sustainability. 

Key Features:

  • 97% Eco-Friendly Tungsten: Made from high-density, environmentally-friendly tungsten, this weight offers superior sensitivity and a compact profile, making it an excellent choice for conscientious anglers.
  • Reinvented Wacky Style Fishing: Our tungsten weight brings a new dimension to wacky rig fishing. By inserting the eye of the weight into your favourite plastic worm and sliding your hook through the worm and the eye, you achieve a unique rigging style that enhances your fishing technique.
  • 90-Degree Hook Angle: This unique rig design keeps your hook at a perfect 90-degree angle, significantly increasing your hook-up rates. The optimal hook positioning ensures better penetration and secure hook-ups.
  • Increased Hook-Ups and Soft Bait Longevity: Not only does this wacky weight improve your hook-up rates, but it also helps in preserving the life of your soft baits. The weight stabilizes the bait, reducing wear and tear and extending the usability of your favourite soft plastics.
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